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Imagine selling or hiring that 'Indoor Firework' style product - it's now available in the UK at two levels

With the Sparkular Units from Sparkular.UK, you can create the next #wow effect at a number of events including:

  • Weddings - First Dance, Grand Entrance

  • Corporate Events

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Birthday Parties

  • Brand New Car Unveiling

  • Theatre Productions

  • Outdoor Stage Events (in low wind)

  • Indoor Concerts

Venues are keen on the Sparkular Units as they produce no smoke or odour. ​

On the larger Sparkular unit, you have the ability to control the height and duration of the Sparkle Display.

The product is safe to use indoors, you don’t have to worry about fires. A small area is needed with clear head height and a 3m exclusion area.

This is a complete game changer in the world of indoor events and effects across a number of event types.

Each unit has a simple fill specific titanium powder, this is fed to the heating chamber which in turn makes the powder glow, this is then pushed through the aperture and instantly has cold fallout which means its suitable for indoor use.



200mm x 215mm x 285mm

Needs controller or 3 channel DMX unit to operate

Refill Powder available in 12 options.

1x 12 minutes

12x 12 minutes

Adjustable height 1.0 - 5m









Optional remote control or DMX controlled

Refill Powder available in 2 options

1x 3minute

12x 3 minute

All powder packs come with a single use RFID time card which is swiped on the back of the unit to extend the active time the machine works for.

A 3 minute pack extends the unit by 8 minutes and a 12 minute pack extends the unit by 20 minutes.

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